According to Electrive, the LF Electric is a 19 tons truck that comes in two wheelbases, a 5.3 and a 5.85 meters variant, which can carry as much as 11.700 kilograms of cargo around and between cities.

The 282kWh battery should be sufficient for as much as 280 kilometers of range and the electric motor can provide 335 HP (almost 500 peak) and 1.200 Nm of torque, which can be boosted to 3.700 Nm if the situation asks for more hauling capability.

The truck can be charged slower if the driver's not in a rush to get back on the road, with 22kW charging taking the LF Electric from 20 to 80% in 6.5 hours, with a full recharge taking 12 hours.

At the same time, fast charging is also possible at 150kW.

Dolf Hubertus, fleet manager at the logistics services provider, said that "the vehicle can be hooked up to a normal 22 kWh charger at the end of the day and be ready for use the next morning."

Scania is another big name in the truck market and it has released a number of electric trucks, with the goal to completely decarbonize its fleet by 2040.

One of the trucks that the Swedish maker made available this year is a timber truck, which is certainly more of a niche product, but at the same time important for companies that transport timber to paper mills, for example.

The truck's power is rated at 241 HP and it can carry as much as 64 tons of timber on public roads and 80 tons on private roads.

According to the company, just by using one of these trucks, companies in the timber market can avoid as much as 55 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Also, Scania announced a new generation of long-haul electric trucks, which will be based on the R and S platforms.

These are more customizable, depending on the customer's needs, as they can be ordered as a 4x2 tractor, for example, which can get as much as 350 kilometers of range if travelling at 80 km/h.

Charging at a maximum speed of 375kW, drivers can get as much as 300 kilometers worth-of range in an hour.

The nominal power of the truck is rated at around 560 HP.

Mercedes-Benz is another reputable truck manufacturer that has its own version of an electric truck, in the form of the eActros Long Haul, which is stated to weight 40 tons and will have a maximum range of 500 km.

Mercedes' truck will be safety-focused, as well, as it will be featuring a surveillance system called MirrorCam, which is supposed to increase the driver's awareness of surrounding vehicles.

Finally, Renault is another company in the truck segment that has the T and C E-Tech models for companies that want to go green, as the two trucks have two to six lithium-ion battery packs, which can be juiced up in 9.5 hours or 2.5, depending on the charging station that they'll be connected to.

Renault's statements regarding the range are interesting, as the French manufacturer claims that the trucks will be able to achieve 300 km on a charge or 500 km with a one-hour intermediate fast-charge break at 250kW.

New players in the truck market

An upcoming truck that might come to the market before the end of the year is Nikola's Tre, which could have an estimated range of as much as 563 kilometers.

The next version of the truck, which could be hydrogen-powered, should be able to increase its range to 800 kilometers and an improved battery variant coming to the market in 2025 could boost the range to as much as 1.000 km.

Tesla is another EV manufacturer that aims to enter the truck market, as the company's Semi truck should be around the corner.

Recently, the US-based company released new details about its upcoming truck, putting an emphasis on the fact that it will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km in 20 seconds when it will be hauling cargo at a combined weight of 37.2 tons.

The long-range model will be able to go for a little over 800 km of distance with the cargo included and it will be able to recover 70% of the energy in 30 minutes of being plugged in.

The Tesla Semi will also be available in a medium-range version, which should be capable of hitting 480 km of range.