Privacy Policy

Privacy agreement

Drafted in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 677 of 2001, for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data. Internet Corp SRL is registered with number 3240/2006 in the register of the National Authority for Supervision of Personal Data Processing.

Internet Corp respects the confidentiality of information collected from its users. Our goal is to provide you with a personalized browsing experience on the sites to which we provide and manage content, an experience that provides you with information, resources and services that are relevant and useful to you. In achieving this goal, we sometimes collect information about our users during their visits, in order to understand what are the things that differentiate them from thousands of other users who do not access the information and services. Also, due to the fact that the advertising resources help us provide you free of charge some of the information presented, the collection of your personal information (name, e-mail, preferences, etc.), is a necessity for adapting our advertising space to your preferences.

The purpose of this privacy agreement is to prove our concern for your privacy on the Internet, and the consequences of this agreement extend to all information collected by Internet Corp. from its users. Additional terms to this agreement, if any, may also be offered to you for review prior to subscribing to other private services provided by our sites.

This general agreement is aimed to inform you about what type of personally identifiable information is collected from you, how and where this information could be used by Internet Corp, how we protect the information collected from you, who has access to the information collected from you and how the inaccurate information can be corrected in time.

What information we collect

Internet Corp collects information from its users in three ways - directly from the user, from traffic reports recorded by the servers that host Internet Corp sites and through cookies.

Information provided directly by user: When you subscribe to a service provided by Internet Corp, we may ask you what your name is, what your email address is and we may ask you for other personal information. The more information you provide voluntarily, the better we can personalize the information provided on your next visit.

Server traffic report information: When you visit a website, you disclose certain information about yourself, such as your IP address, the time of your visit, the place you where when you accessed our sites. Internet Corp., like other personal data controllers, records this information.

Cookies: for the purpose of providing a personalized service to our users, Internet Corp may use cookies to facilitate the storage and tracking of your preferences. For example, we may use cookies to identify you and to provide you with information and services based on your preferences which you have expressed in your previous visits. Also, third-party online advertising networks may use cookies in order to adapt advertising messages to your preferences.

Cookies are ".txt" files, provided to your browser by a web server and then stored on your computer's hard drive. The use of cookies is a current standard on many of the important sites you visit.

Most browsers are set to accept cookies. But if you prefer this, you can reset your browser to either notify you whenever you receive a cookie or even refuse to accept cookies. However, you should be aware that some sections of our site will not be able to be viewed normally if you have set your browser to reject cookies. You can find out more about cookies here.

You should also keep in mind that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information in the online communication environment, such as online forums, e-mail program, FTP program, discussion groups, chat services, the information you disclose may be easily collected and used by unauthorized persons. Although Internet Corp does everything possible to protect your personal information, Internet Corp cannot ensure or guarantee the security of any type of information you provide to us, therefore the transmission of information in an inappropriate environment is at your own risk. You must also understand that you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information (passwords, usernames, etc.) related to the accounts you have acquired as a result of using the services we offer.

User's options regarding the collection and use of data

As mentioned above, you can always choose not to make your data available, although it may be necessary if you want to perform a specific activity on the WEBSITE. As a condition of using the WEBSITE, by registering you accept the fact that we will send you Administrative and Promotional messages. We may send you information about your account activity and the latest published information. You cannot select not to receive Administrative messages. Administrative messages are related to the User's activity on the WEBSITE, and may contain emails or messages regarding the account, requests or questions of a certain User, or the purchases of products and services present on the WEBSITE. In contrast to Administrative Messages, however, you have options regarding the Promotional Messages. Promotional messages advertise our partners' products and services, including exclusive promotions and other offers, and / or the products or services of Affiliates or Advertising Providers. If you do not wish to receive Promotional Messages from us, you can choose not to receive Promotional Messages anytime after you create an account by sending us an email to, with the title "UNSUBSCRIBE" or by pressing the specific button at the end of our emails. When you write to us, please include your contact details and what Promotional Messages you no longer wish to receive. In the case of Promotional Messages received by SMS, if you have filled in on the WEBSITE a valid mobile phone number, you can also unsubscribe by sending a message charged according to the conditions of your mobile service provider.

How and when information is used

Internet Corp uses the information collected from you in several ways, depending on the type of information collected:

Information provided directly by the user: this information is used only for the purpose of personalizing the services offered to you and verifying your identity;

Information collected from the traffic report of the Internet Corp server: this type of information helps us to identify which sections of our sites are sections of interest to users. Internet Corp also collects the IP addresses of its users in order to securely administer our computer system, in order to avoid criminal activities and, last but not least, in order to communicate users' anonymous typed templates to our advertising clients;

Information collected through cookies: Internet Corp uses cookies to allow you to use our services as effectively as possible and in order to obtain statistical information that will allow us to improve our services. Cookies allow us to save your access passwords and preferences so that you do not have to enter them again the next time you visit us;

How we protect the information we collect from you

The confidentiality and protection of the information collected from you are of vital importance to us. Internet Corp does not provide the information collected to third parties without your express and prior consent. Any statistics regarding the traffic of our users, which we will provide to third party advertising networks or to partner sites, is provided only as a set of data and does not include any personally identifiable information about any individual user.

Your access to certain services and information on the site is password protected. We recommend that you do not disclose this password to anyone. Internet Corp will never ask you for your account password in unsolicited messages or phone calls. We therefore advise you not to disclose this password to people who ask you to do so. Moreover, if possible, you must remember to sign off your account from the online services offered by Internet Corp at the end of each session. We also advise you to close the browser window in which you worked at the end of your browsing on the sites or services provided by Internet Corp.

These tips are intended to remove unauthorized access to your personal information or correspondence when working on a computer network in a public place (internet cafes, for example).

Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Consequently, despite our efforts to protect your personal information, Internet Corp cannot guarantee or guarantee the security of the information you transmit to us, to and from our online services or our products. We therefore warn you that any information sent to us will be at your own risk.

However, when we receive the information transmitted by you, we guarantee that we will make every effort to ensure their security in our systems, according to the security standards imposed by the Romanian legislation in force.

Who has access to the information collected from you?

Except as set forth above, Internet Corp will not disclose any personally identifiable information about its users to third parties without first obtaining the express consent of users in this regard.

At the same time, however, Internet Corp. may disclose personally identifiable information when expressly provided by law or when necessary to protect the rights and interests of Internet Corp

In conclusion, when you access the Internet Corp sites and are asked to disclose information about yourself to us, you will only disclose this information to the Internet Corp sites, unless the service or information is provided in partnership with another site or service.

But every time such a service is provided in partnership with another site, you will be informed about it. In order to provide you with services at the highest possible standards, it is necessary to share your personal information with the partner site or service. If you do not wish your data to be shared, you can proceed accordingly by not allowing the transfer of data by not using that particular service.

However, if you choose to accept data sharing, you must understand that partner service providers may have separate practices of confidentiality and data collection. Internet Corp. has no control over and cannot guarantee all legal aspects involved in the use of these independent privacy practices.

How can we correct errors in the data collected from you?

If you create an account with one of our services, we may send you a confirmation email to provide you with your new account details. The confirmation message will be sent to the e-mail address you provided to us and will describe the ways in which you can modify or delete the account data you have just created. We advise you to keep this confirmation e-mail, especially since it also contains information that may be useful to you when problems arise in accessing our services.

Sharing information to third parties

Internet Corp sites may use the services of advertising companies to set advertising targets and support advertising campaigns and other messages specific to the marketing activity. To this extent, these companies may collect anonymous data through cookies. In such case, Internet Corp will include in its privacy agreement links to the privacy agreements of partner advertising networks.

For any suggestions or comments regarding Internet Corp or regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at

This privacy agreement was updated on November 1, 2017.