According to Sifted, the funding round was led by Klima Energy Transition Fund, with Inovo VC and SMOK Ventures participating in this round, as well.

To make solar power more ubiquitous throughout the continent, the EU has set new goals with regards to deployment, saying that it wants to bring more than 320 GW of solar power by 2025, which is over double 2020's solar capacity and by 2030, nearly 600 GW.

The European Commission hopes to be able to implement a large-scale installation of solar panels throughout the continent, meaning that all public buildings could be powered by solar energy by 2026, with residential buildings being energy independent by 2029.

SunRoof's solution offers roofs with integrated solar panels and customers who want to implement this solution into their buildings have access to energy management systems via an application.

Lech Kaniuk, CEO at SunRoof, stated that "out of all the integrated solar panel solutions, our roof is the strongest. There’s no competition in the world that would produce more power from a square meter."

Compared to other solutions available on the market, which can generate as much as 160W per square meter, SunRoof's product is able to produce up to 200W per square meter.

"I don’t want it to be an ordinary roof company. I want it to be a tech company which deals with production and management of energy, and the roofs are the first element of our long-term strategy", the CEO added.

SunRoof was also affected by the supply chain issues that plagued many industries around the world, but Kaniuk wants to improve the supply chain of materials, so the company can build and deliver its integrated solar panels faster.

"The ambition is covering the whole world", he concluded.