For Ciprian Ciucu, the mayor of Bucharest's District 6, sustainability represents "a very vast concept, which can mean more energy efficient transport, more energy efficient buildings, retrofitting old buildings, recovering green areas, there are a lot of things that can include sustainable projects and visions."

As far as District 6 and year 2030, Ciprian Ciucu envisions energy efficient public buildings, a public transport system that has more advantages compared to the personal car, with dedicated lanes, but also a more developed alternative transport solution.

At the same time, parking spots around the blocks of apartments shall make more space to "high quality and well maintained" green areas, according to the mayor.

In his opinion, the public must also be educated to accept this kind of initiatives, since the dwellers' will to have more parking spots may come into conflict with the need of extending parks and other green areas in a city.

Corina Fugaru, Project Manager, EFdeN Sustainable City, states that "the ideal city can be covered by the three components of sustainability: planet, population and profit."

Starting with these elements in mind, the ideal city has to be easily accessible to everybody and to work together with nature and not against it.

She also believes that countries in Western Europe can be a good example that Romania can follow as far as urban development is concerned.

Another problem that Bucharest has, according to Ciprian Ciucu, is the fact that the settlements around it experience a rapid growth in terms of residential buildings, without taking into account the need for health or educational institutions.

This means that dwellers of these areas must migrate to Bucharest or other cities to have access to these necessities.

To have sustainable and self-sufficient communities, public and private institutions must collaborate, but at the same time, the public also has to be receptive to change, even if the changes that are implemented don't coincide with the population's expectations.