ESG Today writes that Stockholm Exergi's future bio-plant will provide carbon capture and storage solutions and experts at the two companies say that this is the largest carbon removal deal in the world so far.

Stockholm Exergi recently received the environmental permit required for building its facility, which will offer heat bio-energy fueled by residues from forestry, as well as paper production. The energy unit will capture carbon dioxide from the flue gases, compressing and storing it in liquid form, allowing it to be transported to the bottom of the North Sea, where it can mineralize.

Stockholm Exergi officials said that budgeting for the facility is still underway and the construction of the carbon capture and storage unit will take place next year. The bio-energy facility is expected to be able to capture 800.000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Carbon removal certificates are expected to be delivered to Microsoft in 2028 and the companies also included criteria for sustainable biomass sourcing, as well as ecosystem conservation.

Brian Marrs, Senior Director, Energy & Carbon Removal at Microsoft, said that "leveraging existing biomass power plants is a crucial first step to building worldwide carbon removal capacity."