writes that Agteria Biotech is a Sweden-based startup that recently developed the solution, which is still pending for a patent, which can contribute to cutting emissions from cattle. This is an emerging market that other companies explored, as well, and is required if we want to hit our climate goals.

Cows are some of the world's largest sources of methane emissions, accounting for 10% of the planet's greenhouse gas emissions share or around 5 gigatons per year. Methane emissions, while not as long-lasting in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, have the potential to heat the planet 80 times more, causing more climate stress in the short term.

Spun out of a research project led by scientists at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Agteria Biotech developed a patent-pending molecule that can reduce the methane output of cattle by up to 70%, if given in one gram per day.

The company recently raised 1.4 million euros in a Pre-Seed round to find ways to commercialize and improve the solution.

Martin Blomberg, cofounder of Agteria, said that "the cows will do what they normally do, just eat their feed. The only difference in the food chain is that the cows will burn far less methane. Big dairy and beef companies need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent before 2030. So just by buying our product, they can actually feel their sustainability goals."

Having validated the solution in lab and on field tests, the company now looks to collaborate with experts at Norrsken Launcher to improve and bring it to the mass market.