Frontier is a coalition formed by companies such as Alphabet, McKinsey, Meta, Shopify and Stripe with the purpose to finance innovative carbon removal solutions with a great potential in removing polluting emissions.

Removing carbon dioxide is likely going to become necessary as greenhouse gases that are locked into the atmosphere are already causing significant global warming. Keeping the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius could mean that we'll have to remove billions of tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, however, that technology is not ready yet.

ESG Today writes that, under the agreement, Vaulted Deep will remove and permanently store over 152.000 tons of CO2 by 2027, starting with 18.000 tons this year.

The recent deal represents Frontier's largest commitment to date, as Vaulted Deep has been the coalition's first customer. The initial project, which was completed and verified, saw the company remove 1.666 tons of carbon emissions back in 2023.

Advantek is the parent company of Vaulted Deep, which processes biomass, such as manure, food and agricultural waste, and stores the carbon-rich product underground permanently.

Julia Reichelstein, CEO at Vaulted Deep, said that "Vaulted’s technology, developed by Advantek, has been primed to address carbon removal for decades, even before there was a market. Technologies like ours that can scale quickly without compromising durability or quality will lead the way."

Vaulted officials said that the new agreement will allow the company to commission three new wells to process even more biomass in a more optimized way.

Hannah Bebbington, Strategy Lead at Frontier, added that "Vaulted went from inception to delivering thousands of tons in just four months and is now among the first carbon removal companies to sign a multi-million dollar offtake agreement."

Photo source: Frontier