According to Recharge, the battery system can store as much as 196MWh of energy, which can be used to power 300.000 homes for two hours.

The giant battery project will be connected to the 3.6GW offshore wind farm, which has 2.4GW already built.

This will allow the wind farm to deliver sufficient energy even when winds aren't strong enough to keep up with demand during the day.

At the same time, during the night, when demand decreases significantly, it can help charge the batteries back up.

Tesla launched the Megapack in 2019 in an effort to get into the energy storage solutions market, as the CEO, Elon Musk, saw the potential of such a project.

Harmony Energy officials, who invest in UK-based energy storage solutions, said that "battery energy storage systems are essential to unlocking the full potential of renewable energy in the UK."

Other European countries that are able to produce important amounts of renewable power, such as Portugal and Denmark, can use energy storage solutions to prevent wasting unused energy, which can be needed at a later time, when demand increases.