ESG Today writes that 2018-founded shipzero was founded by Mirko Schedlbauer and Tobias Bohnhoff in Germany to help shippers and logistics providers manage and reduce transport-related emissions, enabling companies to decarbonize their supply chains.

Schedlbauer said that "we experience a high level of interest in our product since shippers and logistics service providers need reliable data on their emissions to remain competitive. There is a growing conviction that our specialized solutions will become the standard. Emissions data will ultimately be shared across companies, evaluated comparably, and calculated by high standards."

shipzero officials said that the new capital will be used to support the company's international growth, as well as to develop and implement new emissions management features in the platform. One interesting feature that the company plans to add is enabling companies to pay a premium for "sustainable fuels", without actually using low-carbon fuel alternatives. This means that normal fuels will be used, instead, but the price paid will be higher and the money will go to sustainable efforts.

Bohnhoff added that "so far, the use of sustainable fuels has only been possible on certain transport routes, depending on location and availability. However, with Book & Claim, freight forwarders can bundle customer demand and refinance the targeted use of biofuels or alternatives. In return, their customers receive an independent emissions certificate that precisely records their exact emissions measure depending on the fuels used."