As per ESG Today, 2018-founded Claros offers green chemistry-based solutions to help us get rid of PFAs, which is a group of chemical solutions found in many products, including food packaging and clothing fabric.

Officials at Claros Technologies claim that the company's solution has been tested and validated by third parties, which claim a 99.99% efficiency in destroying and defluorinating all PFA types.

Michelle Bellanca, ClarosTech CEO and co-founder, said that "our commitment to PFAS destruction is not just about environmental responsibility, but also about sustainability. By developing and commercializing cutting-edge solutions to PFAS pollution, we’re positioning ourselves at the forefront of a growing market. As the demand for sustainable, scalable, cost competitive chemistries and industrial processes increases, we believe our technologies can be part of ensuring long-term success for our customers, partners and the planet.”

Ecosystem Integrity Fund and American Century Investments led the 22 million USD funding round, which will help ClarosTech continue to improve its technologies.