According to Solar Daily, the German company will start building a fleet of test vehicles before starting mass production at Valmet Automotive's facilities.

The five-seats hatchback is covered with 456 solar cells that are able to produce enough electricity over the course of a week so that the car can drive for up to 112 km.

The car's battery range is rated at around 305 km, with the vehicle being aimed at families, but also ride sharing platforms.

Photo source: Sono Motors

Sono Motors has 19.000 reservations so far for its upcoming solar EV and each reservation was placed at an initial payment of 2.225 euros, which is supposed to help with the development.

The German start-up hopes to be able to build some 250.000 cars in the next seven years, while the price tag is reported at a little over 25.000 euros.

Ligthyear 0 is another solar-powered EV that is expected to be delivered as soon as later this year, but at a much steeper price tag of 250.000 euros.

At the same time, Aptera's solar-powered car is expected to be delivered starting next year in two versions, one that can go up to 400 km on a charge that will cost around 26.000 euros, with another one offering up to 1.600 kilometers that will be some 46.000 euros.

Photo source: Sono Motors