Participants in the funding round include Galvanize Climate Solutions, Qualcomm Ventures and Ajax Strategies.

Agriculture is one of the main sectors of interest for sustainability and new technologies, as food supplies are getting smaller and smaller and scientists are even looking at ways to make crops more resilient to extreme weather phenomena.

ESG Today reports that Arable aims to solve some of the issues of modern agriculture, by bringing a more transparent and agile food supply chain and by satisfying the demand for information on how food crops are being grown.

Both of these issues and more of them can be solved through the digitalization of the farm-to-food value chain, start-up representatives believe.

Arable is a US-based start-up that was founded back in 2014 and offers data-optimized strategies for agriculture and natural resource management.

Jim Ethington, CEO of Arable, said that "from talking to farmers and agricultural producers worldwide, it really feels like we are at a tipping point. There is an urgent need to improve the productivity and sustainability of farming while at the same time making these systems more resilient to a changing climate and landscape."

In order to optimize farmers' water usage, the US start-up looks into things like weather, soil moisture and even irrigation amounts with special sensors that are able to measure the crop's growth rate and stress.

With these technologies, the company helped clients reduce their water consumption by as much as 50%.

Arable's solutions even enable for lower usage of pesticides, by up to 15%, while crops should still thrive.

"In addition to being used on-farm for operational decisions, Arable also helps larger companies to see across their entire farm supply chain, enabling them to accurately benchmark sustainability, estimate carbon emissions and sequestration, and predict yield or timing", the CEO added.