According to Electrive, the new mobile charging solutions are good for short and long-term use and can be used in locations where regular charging stations are not a viable option or their charging speed might be too slow.

Each modular unit can charge a vehicle with anywhere from 105 kWh to 420 kWh capacity and offers the option of up to five DC fast-charging outlets.

Tim Reeser, Lightning eMotors CEO, said that "Lightning Mobile provides a much-needed charging solution for everything from mobile disaster relief and rescue to intermittent charging points at facilities like sports stadiums, which need an EV charging and power solution in various locations. It can also serve as a short or medium-term charging solution for fleets to rapidly deploy EVs while waiting for permanent infrastructure to be installed."

In order to develop the new charging station, the company spent 12 months with a prototype in order to perfect the product, which it claims is good for charging vans, buses and cars in areas where access to electricity is limited or at events such as festivals.

Brandon McNeil, vice president of Lightning Energy, said that "a recent survey found that 90% of fleet managers believe electric vehicles will be the future of commercial fleets. Lightning’s next generation mobile charger can support an accelerated rate of electric commercial vehicle adoption while their depot charging is being installed, a process that, unfortunately, can take a long time."