The smallest Lexus yet, the LBX, which stands for Lexus Breakthrough Crossover, is a self-charging hybrid electric crossover that’s designed to be accessible and easy to live with, especially important for the city environments. The LBX is based on the Yaris Cross from Toyota, while being slightly larger in every measurement and powered by a slightly more powerful hybrid system.

Speaking of which, the LBX features a 1.5-liter 136HP hybrid powertrain as its only option, coupled to an efficient e-CVT transmission. The only option in this regard is if the driver opts for a 2WD or an AWD traction system.

Accelerating to 100 km/h happens in a little over 9 seconds and the maximum top speed limit is 170 km/h, more than plenty for a vehicle which will probably be driven mostly in city environments. The estimated WLTP fuel consumption is 4.5-4.8 liters per 100 km, but it can be lower under the right circumstances.

We participated at the launch of the LBX and were impressed by how premium the vehicle felt, while the smaller form-factor, ideal for the city, doesn't sacrifice much on the space inside.

As a first impression of getting around the vehicle, the LBX felt pretty spacious even in the back, although I am 1.73 meters tall, while in the front, the space is even more generous and you should fit with no problems, even if you are taller. As for the boot space, the LBX features over 330 liters with the rear seats unfolded and if you decide to fold them, this increases to nearly 1.000 liters.

Compared to the Yaris Cross, the LBX feels more luxurious on the inside, thanks to the soft materials and use of leather. While this is the smallest Lexus vehicle yet, it doesn't sacrifice on the high-end feel when compared to its larger brothers.

All versions of the LBX come with a central 9.8-inch tablet, which can receive over-the-air updates and supports wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Highest-end models come with a Mark Levinson audio system for a more premium audio quality.

In Romania, the LBX starts at just under 39.000 euros for the Elegant FWD trim, with the highest end Relax AWD clocking in at just under 46.000.

Photo source: Lexus