Electrive writes that for this objective, the country also opened a new plant which will be manufacturing electric buses. The company which will be producing 1.000 electric buses over the next three is called BasiGo and officials say that Rwanda authorities also ordered a number of battery-powered buses.

Kenya’s Minister of Trade Rebecca Miano said that "the transport sector is a significant contributor to carbon emissions and transitioning to electric vehicles presents a sustainable solution to mitigate environmental degradation and address the negative effects of climate change."

BasiGo CEO Jit Bhattacharya said that the company looks to employ 300 people for the assembly of the 1.000 buses. "We shall be assembling 20 buses every month and the orders are many. We intend to work round the clock to increase the number, because the demand may rise with time", he added.

The E9 Kubwa electric bus was developed in Kenya and was tailored to operations in Nairobi and it runs on 90% renewable energy from Kenya. Additionally, the bus can be charged in less than two hours and each model will be equipped with USB chargers for passengers, CCTV systems and WiFi.