ESG Today writes that 2009-founded Climeworks focused so far only on consolidating its position as an expert in direct air carbon capture, but now, the company wants to offer services such as reforestation and biochar production.

Co-founder and co-CEO Christoph Gebald said that "at Climeworks, we have 15 years of experience in permanent carbon removal via direct air capture... a market that, according to analysts, has a trillion-dollar potential in 2050. So far, the market has been dominated by early adopters. Now, we see a next wave of companies entering as buyers and we can serve them according to their individual needs."

Direct air carbon capture implies absorbing the emissions from the atmosphere through special filters, and the emissions are then either stored underground or in charcoal, or used in the manufacturing of biofuels.

Adrian Siegrist, Vice President of Climeworks Solutions, added that "we meet customers where they are today. Some are highly advanced in their strategy but have limited resources to scan the market for high-quality solutions. Others recognize the need to shift away from avoidance offsets, but are at the beginning of the journey, with limited budgets. We can cater to all those needs and meet their ability to pay."

Also, during the launch of Climeworks Solutions, the company revealed the first customer as Swiss watchmaker Breitling, which signed a 12-year agreement for the company's direct air carbon capture solutions.

Photo source: Climeworks