Cecilia Tudor, Managing Director at Renault Romania, believes that "we have a unique chance to rebuild the mobility strategy for the cities and this is also thanks to the funds that are coming from the EU."

From her point of view, humans can't exist without transport and in this regard, the automobile industry is currently adapting to get in line with the new Euro 7 standard and the Fit for 55 plans.

To contribute to a more sustainable and less polluting car industry, Renault constantly updates its vehicle lineup with hybrid and electric models, things that are done by the other industry members.

At the same time, in the EU, more and more drivers that are looking into buying a new car are purchasing EVs and this trend is visible in Romania, as well, according to Cecilia.

She also claims that Renault's partnerships with ride sharing companies, such as Spark, are helping when it comes to making electric cars more popular.

Also, Renault is one of the companies that permanently invests in non-polluting vehicles. This way, in September, the French manufacturer decided to expand its collaboration with new partners when it comes to research, development, but also the supply with materials and technologies needed for the production of EVs.

"We are trying to educate the whole community in order to help them use their cars in a more sustainable way and this action is very successful especially when it comes to young people", according to Cecilia.

Still, she claims that the EV charging infrastructure in Romania remains a weak point, despite the fact that the rest of Europe is advancing very fast in this sense.

Currently, in our country, there are 0.5 charging stations per 100 kilometers, but in order to support a big EV market, 65 charging points will be needed per 100 kilometers.

In order to make driving an EV on the A1 and A2 highways, MOL is implementing 14 fast-charging points capable of 250 kW in all its gas stations across these high-speed routes.

"We all want to live better and if this means reducing the number of cars in the city and making everything more efficient, then this is the way to follow", the Managing Director of Renault Romania added.