According to Electrive, besides Romania, the stations will also be implemented in Sweden and Australia.

In Romania, MOL Group will be installing 14 of these 200 kW charging stations across its petrol stations located on the A1 and A2 highways.

Ten of these stations are already installed, with the remaining four to follow, which should help EV drivers not feel as anxious when driving their EVs at higher speeds for longer distances.

Tomi Ristimäki, CEO of Kempower, stated that "given the success of our partnership with TSG and MOL Group and the speed at which the first two service stations were opened, we’re confident that the remainder of this project will be carried out swiftly."

Kempower looks to support one of Sweden's largest truck hubs in Gothenburg, where the company plans to install 15 of its charging stations for e-trucks.

"The new Göteborgs Lastbilcentral (GLC) charging hub is another example of how the electrification of truck and logistics operations can be achieved through Nordic cooperation", the CEO of Kempower added.

Australia's highway system, which stretches for some 5.300 kilometers, will also benefit from the implementation of these charging points, as 98 of them will be installed in 48 different locations, at most 200 kilometers apart from one another.