According to QSR Magazine, another 700 vehicles will be given to delivery drivers in the following months to extend on the promise of sustainable transport.

Domino's CEO Russell Weiner said that "Domino's has always been on the cutting edge of pizza delivery and electric delivery cars make sense as vehicle technology continues to evolve."

"We've made a commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, and this is one way we can begin reducing our environmental impact, one delivery at a time", he added.

The company hopes that the new EVs will have a significant impact in many ways.

Firstly, they could attract more drivers to join the company, while also providing enough charge for days at a time, officials hope.

Being EVs, they should also have lower maintenance costs and, of course, one of the big selling points is the fact that they will be zero-emissions vehicles.

Sezamo is an online supermarket retailer that is available in Romania and the company also has EVs in its fleet of grocery delivery cars.

Using this type of vehicles during its Green Friday event, the company's drivers were able to avoid 6.5 tons of CO2 emissions over some 50.414 kilometers, while customers saved 46.000 hours that would have been spent in physical stores.