According to Electrive, Pepper Motion will offer both the Actros MP3 and the newer MP5 models as electric options, with some of the main targeted markets being France, Germany and Poland.

The EV variants of the trucks will be equipped with four 240 kWh battery packs, which should give a range of around 250 kilometers.

Pepper's solution consists in the company's etrofit conversion kits, which can be applied to trucks and buses for more sustainable transport alternatives.

The company has it's headquarters in Germany, but it also has partners in countries such as France, Poland and Italy, among other locations.

Back in April, 2022, the company secured a 30 million euro Series A funding to strengthen its position among firms who convert fossil-based vehicles to electric models.

The German conversion company hopes to be able to upgrade some 2.500 trucks to battery power by 2030.

Skoda Group wants to implement Pepper's solution in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, where the company is expected to convert diesel buses to electric power.

Friedrich and Wagner are among the VCs financially suporting Pepper Motion in the company's mission to electrify old freight and public transportation vehicles.