ESG Today writes that Copenhagen-based Electricity Maps offers companies a software solution that calculates the carbon intensity for electricity consumption, as well as tracking the origin of the electricity used in operations. The company can also help other industry members find alternative green power sources, especially as more renewable capacity is added to the grid.

Officials at Electricity Maps reported that two of the more important customers that use its services are Google and Samsung, who use the digital mapping of the local energy grid to power data centers, as well as the SmartThings Energy app, with cleaner energy.

The company's platform currently covers around 230 regions for the grid decarbonization and alternative power sources features, including Europe, Australia and Asia.

Olivier Corradi, founder and CEO at Electricity Maps, said that "this additional financing round will enable us to finally scale and start living out our global potential."

Transition and Revent are two of the investors that participated in the 5 million euros financing round.