So far, Peugeot's electrified 308 and 308 SW come in plug-in hybrid variants and according to Electrive, the fully electric models are coming to complete the lineup for the future.

The electric motor powering these new 308s will have a nominal power of around 154 HP and it will be powered by a new generation of batteries.

The car will have a front-wheel drive system and it will be powered by a 51kWh battery, which can provide more than 400 km of range.

The maximum charging speed is rated for 100 kW, which should allow the car to go from 20 to 80% in 25 minutes, say Peugeot officials.

The carmaker has been optimizing the cars' weight and aerodynamics to get the best possible efficiency, while maintaining the familiar design.

The new 308 electric models will feature three driving modes, Eco, Normal and Sport, with regenerative braking being also possible.

The French Stellantis subsidiary did not disclose the prices of the new models yet, although it mentioned the fact that the new electrified 308 will be available for online purchase in some countries.

Photo source: Peugeot