According to Energy Daily, a team of researchers aims to combine the power of green hydrogen with the storage capabilities of lead batteries.

The project comes as a joint effort between the Consortium for Battery Innovation and Horizon Europe, who financed it with some 10 million euros.

All researchers and scientists involved will aim to bring clean and reliable energy sources to off-grid communities in Africa and Asia.

To do so, they will use a lead-battery electrolyser, which is supposed to be a fairly cost-effective way of implementing hydrogen-powered cookers.

This is very important for people who still use wood-based stoves, which according to the International Energy Agency, there could be as many as 2.5 billion people.

Dr. Carl Telford, Research and Innovation Manager at CBI, said that "CBI is fortunate to have an incredible team of partners, enabling us to develop a truly new concept, featuring not only a specially designed lead battery, and a novel distributed microgrid, as well as the battolyser hydrogen technology."

"It'll also be developed with social-science and business experts to ensure we can make a positive difference to those communities using the technology", he added.

LoCEL-H2 advisory-board member Patrick Clerens said that "combining long and short-term storage as well as integrating different energy vectors is the beauty of this project."

"We are sure that the results will further the integration of renewable energy for energy-deprived communities and energy islands, and therefore a reduction of fossil fuel use", he added.