According to Electrive, series production at the new battery facility is scheduled to start in March 2025 and it will have a reported annual capacity of 30GWh.

Panasonic will be using recycled copper foil starting 2024 at the company's Nevada-based battery factory, which is also operated by Tesla.

Audi and Volkswagen are two other companies that work with Redwood Materials for recycling used EV batteries. By doing this, the two German carmakers aim to have a closed loop battery supply chain and make their EVs more sustainable, as well.

Kazuo Tadanobu, president and CEO of Panasonic Energy, said that "recycling and a localizing supply chain are both essential to make the best use of limited natural resources."

"Through this partnership with Redwood, Panasonic Energy will be able to use recycled materials in its high-quality automotive batteries and contribute to the circular economy", he added.

To ensure a stable flow of materials supply, Redwood won't be recycling just used EV batteries, which are still too rare for stable operations.

Instead, the company will also recycle batteries used inside electronic devices and Audi dealerships in the US are helping with that matter, having special bins where people can drop used battery-powered electronic devices.