Electrive writes that besides expansion in these markets, the company will use the funding in order to launch two new products, one being the FLO Ultra fast charger and the next generation of the FLO Home residential charging stations. The Ultra fast charger will offer top-up speeds of up to 320 kW and even 500 kW in some situations and the first units could be delivered by the end of this month, as per company officials.

FLO President and CEO Louis Tremblay said that "this financing will help FLO continue our work to deploy reliable, critically needed EV charging infrastructure across North America. I am grateful to our financing partners who believe in FLO and our mission to help overcome climate change by engineering and operating the most reliable EV charging network and by delivering the best possible experience for EV drivers.”

The residential charging stations will be available starting this summer, offering 12 or 19.2 kW power options.