Electrive writes that the new truck, called EV Star REEFERX, can be used for various applications, thanks to its lighter body construction, but carrying cargo has not been sacrificed, with the aforementioned 2.5 tons payload.

The range of the truck is around 240 kilometers, although no information was provided regarding the battery capacity, chemistry or charging potential. Given that it is a truck destined towards medium-duty applications, DC charging should be a given, allowing quick top-ups between breaks or during loading and unloading operations.

Brendan Riley, President of GreenPower, said that "the EV Star REEFERX offers customers a unique, modern and versatile all-electric commercial vehicle that boasts a higher payload capacity. Through this offering, we are able to provide fleet owners a reliable way to deliver refrigerated and frozen goods on daily routes."

One of the key features of the truck is the use of multi-temperature zones, allowing companies to transport various goods in different climate conditions, so that for fruits and vegetables, for example, a lower temperature can be used in a certain area, while for snacks, a higher one.

Additionally, the battery has been designed to improve cargo capacity, while also lowering the center of gravity for better handling.