According to Electrive, Daimler Buses already presented some of the specifications of the upcoming generation buses, with the Mercedes eCitaro fuel cell sporting a third-generation lithium-ion battery and a fuel cell range extender.

The regular version of the bus (non-articulated) will come with three battery packs, one on top of the vehicle and two more in the ex-engine compartment. The total combined capacity for this version will be either 192kWh or 294kWh.

The articulated eCitaro fuel cell will be packed with three of four battery packs, three on the front and one in the former engine bay, with up to 392kWh of battery capacity available. In both cases, the fuel cell system provides an additional 60kWh of power and Daimler claims that the articulated model can go for 350 kilometers on a charge.

The battery-exclusive only versions of the bus, which pack up to six batteries for the regular and seven for the articulated, can provide as much as 280 and 220 kilometers respectively.

The hydrogen fuel cell system doesn't act as a direct fuel system for the propulsion, but it rather generates power for the batteries, which provide the power afterwards.

No further details about the electric motor have been revealed by Daimler Buses, but the manufacturer is expected to provide those in June.

Photo Source: Daimler Buses