According to Electrive, the Japanese company wants to implement solid-state batteries across its entire motorcycle lineup, focusing on battery replacements, as well.

Commuter two-wheel electric vehicles with top speed limits of 25 km/h and 50 km/h respectively will make up five "compact and affordable" models for the Asian and European markets.

Larger motorcycles, destined to more experienced riders seeking more "fun" are also in the works, with three of these models coming in the future to Japan, the US and Europe.

Commercial electric motorbikes are also planned by the Japanese company, as these will be designed to serve especially Asian markets, such as Vietnam, Thailand and Japan.

For the new bikes, Honda plans to develop a new platform which will integrate the battery, electronic systems and the drive system, as well, which can be adapted for the needs of the customers.

Honda officials expect annual electric motorbike sales to reach one million units in the next five years and 3.5 million units by 2030.