According to ESG Today, the ordered truck models are the Volvo FH and the FM electric variants, which Volvo began mass producing in 2022. This is the Swedish manufacturer's largest order for the new battery truck models so far and deliveries are expected to begin later this year, with 130 units to reach Holcim in 2023 and 2024.

Also recently, officials at Holcim announced that they will invest over 2 billion USD in carbon capture by 2030, focusing to capture more than 5 million tons of CO2 every year in an effort to decarbonize the company's activities.

Martin Lundstedt, President & CEO Volvo Group, said that "long-term collaboration and a strong commitment to really make a difference are essential for making big CO2 reductions a reality."

Holcim says that, by replacing diesel trucks with more sustainable alternatives and by using green energy to charge the batteries, it will be able to reduce around 50.000 tons of emissions per year.