According to, Eurostat experts claim that there were around eight million beehives in EU farms back in 2020, over a million more compared to previous years. All bee species, including honeybees and bumblebees contribute to great benefits for Europe's agriculture, totaling around 22 million euros.

With 1.5 million beehives in the farm system, Romania is Europe's leading nation when it comes to the honey-making industry.

This is one of the reasons Pollenity, a Bulgarian-based company that designs, develops and implements innovative technologies, methodologies and business practices in order to protect honeybees, decided to enter the Romanian market. The startup launched in 2015 and works with clients from more than 15 countries.

Learn more about the company's Adopt a Hive program, which enables people and companies to get involved and directly support a beekeeper and their hives that have over 60.000 bees each, from our interview with Sergey Petrov, Pollenity’s CEO and cofounder, and Vladislav Vasiliev, the startup’s Sales Manager.

Italy and Greece are two other countries where beekeeping is popular, as both had one million beehives in all their farms back in 2020.

Although they are greatly important for our economy, one in ten bee species is threatened with extinction, which is why in 2018, a revision of the EU Pollinators Initiative aimed to reverse the situation.