As per Electrive, Tozero started the operations at the company's pilot plant in Munich last year, with the battery recycling process being entirely developed by the team of experts. It is designed to recover as much of the chemical composition that makes up a battery as possible, so far "exceeding European Commission’s recycling targets well above 80% recovery rate today already, significantly higher than traditional recycling methods."

The first recycled contents of recovered lithium have been sent to battery manufacturers in March, as per the company, but the initial customers have not yet been named. However, Tozero experts suggest that the recycled battery contents, once implemented in a new cell, will reduce its carbon footprint by 70% compared to one made with virgin resources. Company officials expect to be able to deliver hundreds of tons of recycled lithium to manufacturers by 2026.

Sachin Samarakone, battery recycling expert at Tozero, said that "our lithium is not just recycled; it’s... a testament to the purity and effectiveness of our recycling process, making it a highly sought-after critical material for diverse industries in Europe."

Sarah Fleischer, co-founder and CEO of Tozero, added that "our mission is to truly bring lithium-ion battery waste to zero and each ton of recycled lithium represents a significant step towards reducing our ecological footprint and achieving a net-zero future."