As per, fossil-supplied power only accounted for 23% of the energy mix in April 2024, a 22% drop when compared to the same time last year, despite increasing demand. This also surpasses the previous general record of low-fossil power, recorded at 27% in May 2023.

Thanks to an increase in solar and wind installations, as well as a recovery of hydro power, renewable energy accounted for 54% of Europe's energy mix, representing a record high in the European energy sector.

Sarah Brown, Ember’s Europe Program Director, stated that "the once unthinkable is happening before our eyes."

“Fossil fuels are on the way out of Europe’s power sector. Solar and wind have stepped up as the main players, proving they are ready to take on their role as the backbone of the modern clean electricity system”, she added.

As far as per state progress, Germany saw the biggest fall in carbon-rich energy production, compared to April 2023, as seven of its coal-fired plants were decommissioned by March 2024. The country's effort contributed to 32% of the general fall in carbon-rich energy across Europe.

The progress towards cleaner power generation countered the slight increase in demand, which was 0.4% over the first four months of this year, compared to the same time last year.

“From 2016 to 2023, coal fell by over 300 terawatt hours and there was a similar rise in wind and solar over that period”, Sarah added.