Electrive writes that the Topolino is set to be the smallest Fiat in the lineup, even more compact than the city-designed Fiat 500. The microcar will be a direct competitor to the likes of Citroen's Ami or the Squad Mobility that we wrote about in detail in this article.

The Stellantis-made microcar is very similar to the Ami, due to the fact that is made by the same group and the purpose of microcars is to be as cheap as possible for regular drivers, but also for larger fleet operators.

While we know that the Ami has a range of 75 kilometers and a maximum top speed limit of 45 km/h, no information has yet been made public about the Fiat Topolino. Still, considering that both are microcars that can be operated by people who don't have a driver's license, the specs are expected to be similar.

As far as electrification plans are concerned, Fiat said that they plan to offer only electric cars in Europe by 2027 and for the global market, 2030 is the year when we'll see only clean-powered Fiat vehicles.

Squad Mobility takes a slightly different approach with microcars, as the company offers solar panels to top up the batteries during clear sunny days. Should drivers want a faster form of charging, they can also take the suitcase-type cells inside to plug them in.

Photo source: Stellantis