ESG Today writes that the facility could become carbon neutral by 2035 and in order to do that, several measures have already been taken or will be implemented. Clean, renewable energy is at the forefront on everything, as usual, but besides that, the company also plans to optimize the use of resources, such as water. To make the factory more planet-friendly, PepsiCo officials also stated that rainwater will be collected and the heat will also be recovered to be used afterwards.

Potato peelings leftovers from the production of chips will also be turned into a sustainable fertilizer, which will be sold to farmers, as these can make use of it on their fields.

PepsiCo Europe CEO Silviu Popovici said that "Poland is a strategic market with a significant development potential, where we have been investing for over 30 years. The opening of this new, environmentally sustainable snack facility is a major milestone for PepsiCo in Europe."

The 300 million euros plant in Poland will export products to 20 European countries, as well as facilitate the creation of 450 jobs.