Electrive reports that Nio, a Chinese EV maker, looks to open a second battery swapping station in Norway, as the country is among the leading states in Europe when it comes to the adoption of electric mobility.

Just like the first battery swapping station, this one will be installed in Vestby, which is a town located south of Oslo on an important highway that links Norway to Sweden.

As Vestby is located 40 kilometers away from Oslo, many commuters will use the swapping stations to get their batteries freshly juiced up when going to work or when coming back.

NIO recently presented its third-generation battery swapping stations, which are said to be able to hold more batteries compared to the second generation and also a more flexible layout.

Another battery-focused project is due to be started in Italy by Italvolt, as the company awaits the building permit in early 2023.

Company CEO Lars Carlstrom presented some details regarding the 45 GWh battery cell facility, which will manufacture lithium-ion battery cells with silicon anodes that carmakers can assemble into battery packs.

Carlstrom's company is also considering building solid-state batteries and the site could also be used for processing various materials, including lithium.

The CEO also disclosed that the factory will have more than eight production lines, each of them with a manufacturing capacity of 6 GWh.

He stated that "we are not going to make battery packs yet, we are only focusing on cells. The battery is the platform of the car and that has to be engineered by the car maker."

"To make all this happen it has to be a collaboration between cell manufacturer, car makers and the supply chain", he added.

Carlstrom also mentioned that production is due to start sometime in 2025, with mass production beginning in 2027 or 2028.

Additionally, the cells will also have fast charging capabilities, so that they can be juiced up "in five or six minutes, just like you fill up your car with petrol", according to the CEO of Italvolt.

British-Korean company Eurocell is also looking to build a battery production facility in Europe, which will probably be located in the Netherlands.

Eurocell wants to build the facility in two stages, with production expected to reach peak capacity sometime in 2025.

The first phase will include the production of "advanced battery cells" at scale for European customers, starting 2023.

The second phase, which could take place at the same location, should be able to make some 40 million battery cells yearly by 2025.

Eurocell officials stated that the initial investment amounted to around 788 million euros and by 2028 it could reach nearly two billion.