The new product launched by the American company has been available in Romania, as well, since March 2024 and it is designed to be used both inside and outside, but also in private parking lots.

Eaton Green Motion Home is a flexible choice for charging an EV at speeds between 3,7 kW and 22 kW. Delivered with a cable or a Type 2 connector, the output power of the Eaton Green Motion Home station is easy to set so that it can match the power sources available at each spot.

The interesting part is that these stations come with their own application that users can install and that offers them access to many functions, such as limiting the charging speed or creating a charging schedule. Thus, for the demonstration conducted by Eaton experts, the charging power was limited to 1,7 kW and the charging schedule can be set for example for an overnight session, between 10 in the evening and 6 in the morning.

Thus, by the time you woke up and got ready to leave, the car is already charged and the session has been stopped automatically in order to protect the battery.

Besides these functions, the charging stations are fitted with safety features, such as overcharge protection, overheating protection, as well as short circuit protection.

The station that was presented to us was connected to a Volkswagen ID.7 with an 82kWh battery pack and after some 15 minutes of charging, the EV got almost 10 kilometers worth-of range back, although the charging speed was limited for safety reasons.

The charging power, battery level and recovered energy are all visible in the charging app. The station itself doesn't have a digital screen to showcase these things, so they are not visible without access to the phone itself, unless the driver hops in the car.

Still, when it is connected to power, the Eaton Green Motion Home has a vertical pill-shaped display that turns green and it switches to a progressive blue bar when an EV is connected and charging.

Eaton officials confirmed that the stations support the V2G function (Vehicle to Grid), meaning that an EV connected to the station can power a home in a pinch, for example, although this function will depend on the EV itself.

Eaton Green Motion Home, available in a 22kW flavor, too

The charging speed is quite quick even at 3,7kW, but for those looking for even quicker top-ups, they can get the 22kW version of the station, which comes in AC power delivery, meaning that its consistency will heavily depend on the electric car in question. That's because AC charging is often limited to 11kW, as Eaton experts explained, to protect the EVs internal computer that regulates AC charging flow.

To ensure optimal 22kW charging speeds, users should instead opt for the DC charging station offered by the company, which is larger and quite a bit more expensive, but it delivers the power directly in the batteries and thus, the charging potential is fully unlocked.

Eaton showcased at the event the Green Motion Building charging station, which is also AC-powered, but destined towards the business environment. These have some extra features, such as the RFID tag, which enables drivers to initiate a charging session without going into the application itself, but by using an NFC tag, instead.

The Eaton Green Motion Home charging station can be installed on a traditional mount or even hanging from a roof, depending on the needs. The DC stations can only be implemented on the ground, due to their size and complexity.