As per, 20 trees that are suitable for city environments have been selected to be given away. They will reach citizens that have a garden or unpaved green area where they can grow and thrive. City officials hope that the initiative will help the city cool down during summer, as well as improve the overall air quality.

The project was launched last year, when a tram's cabin was fitted with foliage to promote a sustainability approach to gardening. The train was roaming the city's streets for a day and the intention was to encourage citizens to get involved in gardening activities.

Residents of the central district in Antwerp can request different types of trees and plants from the local council, which they can plant and care for at home. At the same time, city officials can also provide financial aid for those that want to purchase a rainwater collection barrel, which can be used for sustainable watering.

Back in 2022, Antwerp residents were also encouraged to start decorating their homes with plants, which led to over 200 building facades being "greened", as well as to the creation of 170 tree-filled areas.

Besides the environmental benefits, such as carbon capture and clean air delivery, gardening has been proven to improve the mood and mental wellbeing of people.