The Spring Extreme will be available in a new color, called Slate Blue and it will have Copper Brown decorative elements on the roof rails, side mirror casing, wheel hubs, boot-door Dacia logo and under the vehicle’s optics.

On the outside, the new model also comes with stripping with a topographic design on the front doors, and a reference made to the Duster’s distinctive snorkel located between the doors and front wings.

On the inside, the Copper Brown accents will be seen on certain parts of the front door panels, and around the air-vents and navigation panel.

The stitching on the seats will also have the Copper Brown color accent.

With the launch of the new Spring Extreme trim, Dacia is also premiering the all-new ELECTRIC 65 engine (65hp / 48kW). Available only on the Spring Extreme, the new engine is coupled with a new unique gearbox (that multiplies torque transmitted to the wheels), while providing greater acceleration and recovery over a wide range.

Thanks to the all-new ELECTRIC 65 engine, Spring Extreme has a range of 220 km in WLTP Mixed cycle and 305 km in WLTP City cycle.

The ELECTRIC 45 engine (45hp / 33kW) will continue to feature on the Essential trim.

More than 100,000 orders have been placed since the launch of the original Dacia Spring, according to official numbers.

"In less than 2 years, customers have made Spring one of the leaders in the electric vehicle market with more than 100,000 orders recorded since its launch. In 2022, Spring is expected to be on the European podium of the best-selling electric vehicles to private customers. It is the 1st electric vehicle sold in the French retail market", says Xavier Martinet, SVP Marketing, Sales & Operations at Dacia.

"Often initially purchased as a household’s second car, Spring is the main means of transport during the week for 90% of multiple-vehicle households with a Spring. Bold and visionary, Spring is perfectly aligned with the mobility needs of its customers", he added.

Photo source: Dacia