According to The Guardian, the new company founded by the two partners will be called Fellten and will operate in North America, Australia and the UK.

Dave Budge, co-founder of Jaunt Motors, said that "we’re scaling up to deliver hundreds of units next year and beyond. And the biggest thing is awareness. Most people don’t know that this is even possible."

Jaunt Motors also electrifies older Porsche 911s, as well as other Land Rover models.

Zero EV co-founder Chris Hazell said that his company will equip both mechanics and car enthusiasts "with the technology, tools and training to be a part of the growing global demand for electrification."

Budge's conversion startup helped boost the number of EVs on Australian roads, as the company has retrofitting schedules that stretch all the way into 2024.

According to him, the largest customer base is made of Land Rover enthusiasts that want to give their vehicles a new life.

"We’re seeing families, farmers, all kinds of different people. Even though the conversion is expensive … it’s comparable with the price of a new Land Rover", he added.

"With [augmented reality], the design and engineering team models components. Squeezing everything in is the hardest job", he explained.