ENERCON GmbH, represented by Jorg Rathmann, Sales Director for Eastern Europe, wants to make wind power available worldwide.

Founded in 1984, the company is important especially in Germany, where 3/4 of the required energy is obtained from renewables.

The country's current governance set a target to double the share of renewables and half of the "green" power in the country comes from wind turbines.

According to Jorg Rathmann, Europe's wind power capacity has doubled in the last decade, but this effort isn't enough for our climate goals, nor to support the energy independency that authorities envision.

Although Romania isn't in the top wind power producers in Europe, which are Spain, the UK, Germany or Italy, the numbers our country outputs are still impressive, according to the Sales Director for Eastern Europe of ENERCON.

The company and its wind turbines have the advantage that the energy generation technologies and most of the components are made in Germany, which represents a bonus from the quality stand point.

Otherwise, the rotors are made in Portugal and the generators themselves, in Poland.

So far on a global level, ENERCON was able to install a total of 60GW of wind power and the officials hope that the company will be able to add another 3GW this year.

Starting 2025, the company wishes to add 4GW of annual capacity worldwide.

ENERCON is guided by four principles, independence, sustainability, responsibility and durability.

The customers can enjoy a plug and play installation experience, which means that the system is less prone to errors.

The German company's rotor is 175 meters in size, which makes it the largest in Europe for onshore turbines.

At the same time, the motors themselves don't have a gearbox or oil which can leak, meaning that they are more environmentally friendly.

Wind power in Romania

ENERCON entered the Romanian market in 2009 and currently it has a market share of 10% with its 300MW of installed wind power.

The company's team in the country is continuously expanding and Jorg Rathmann stated that "Romania is a foundation for the service given to other states."

At the same time, he believes that our country could be an important hub for green hydrogen production and he would also like to see an implementation of hybrid systems consisting of solar panels and wind turbines.

Last, but not least, the representative of ENERCON is interested to collaborate with industry players in Romania that are specialized in energy storage solutions to exploit the most out of our renewable resources.