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As someone who used public transport for all my life to get around the city and reach even further destinations, it baffles me to see that some people are taking their car out every day to go to work, spending hours in traffic, instead of using the bus or the tram, for example.

I mean, why deal with the pain of finding a parking spot and spend hours and hours every week driving to and from work, when you can spend less time trapped in your car by just walking or using a faster alternative?

Truth be told, I understand why some people do this, as those living outside the city or in a town located 15-20 kilometers away really might not have a viable choice. But I also see many city dwellers living near a ton of public transport options that just hop in their personal vehicle and head to work.

Every time I go to work, I see the same thing, mostly. One or two people in one car, usually a big SUV, one car behind another for hundreds of meters, barely moving every few minutes.

Meanwhile, there I am in the tramway, moving at 30-40 km/h and just stopping in between stations, where some people get off and others hop in.

It's true that a bus or a trolleybus doesn't enjoy the same freedom, as they are usually trapped as well with other cars in traffic, but then there's also the metro, which is completely unobstructed, for the most part.

Come to think of it, the only time I use my personal car is when I have to travel to a destination located far from my city, where public transport isn't an alternative.

Yes, public transport can be very busy at rush hours and it isn't the most pleasant of experiences being squashed between many people at once, but you know what? I'd much rather be in a jammed tram for just 15 minutes and then walk home freely, instead of having to worry about someone hitting my car or finding a parking spot at my apartment complexes.

Yes, sometimes they can come late, but public transport alternatives are there to build and support a green city and they can help you know your city and its landscape better.

They improve air quality, reduce noise levels and can help you have a healthier lifestyle, encouraging you to walk in between stops to catch another bus and even to your apartment complex or job.

Try this experiment, go by bus, tram or metro to your job or school for a whole month and then ask yourself if you really need to take your car out ever again for such commutes.