According to Electrive, with more than 12.000 powered ground assets, out of which a third are electric, United plans to electrify more of its operations, making them low-carbon.

Natron's sodium-ion batteries could be used for many applications, according to officials from the American airline, such as electric flying taxis and charging equipment.

Meanwhile, Na,tron will use the latest investment in order to increase production capacity of its sodium-ion batteries at the company's plant in Michigan in 2023.

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Michael Leskinen, president of United Airline Ventures, said that "Natron’s cutting-edge sodium-ion batteries presented an ideal opportunity to both potentially expand our sustainability investment portfolio to our ground operations, and to help make our airport operations more resilient."

Colin Wessells, CEO of Natron Energy, added that "our batteries provide the high power over short distances that ground service equipment needs, and unlike lithium-ion, Natron’s batteries are completely nonflammable and can be safely deployed into ground service operations."