reports that Sun-Ways started rolling out its solar panel systems recently in Switzerland, as this could be an innovative way to find more space for solar energy-resources.

Floating solar panels are another ingenious way to harness the power of the sun, while preventing water evaporation, experts say.

The interesting thing is that the new patented solar panel system that can be installed on tracks is detachable, which is necessary for such an environment, as train tracks need maintenance from time to time.

Instead of powering the trains, the photovoltaics will provide energy for local households, as this is less complicated to achieve.

One day, Sun-Ways hope to roll its system out across Switzerland's entire railway system, except tunnels, of course. This means that some 5.300 kilometers of tracks can be transformed into energy production points, which could produce one TWh of power in a whole year, according to company estimates.

Should the idea catch on, company officials also have plans to extend to other nations, such as Germany and Italy.

Company co-founder Baptiste Danichert said that "there are over a million kilometers of railway lines in the world. We believe that 50 per cent of the world's railways could be equipped with our system."

Sun-Ways claims that the special solar installations are more resistant than ordinary ones, as you would expect for such an environment, and furthermore, anti-reflective coatings can be applied, so that train conductors don't get blinded by the panels.

Photo source: Sun-Ways