Electrive writes that a retrofitted truck fueled by hydrogen will be put on the road this summer. Should the project be successful, more such trucks will follow in fall, which will be used to make transports for Toyota, in order to prove that the technology is feasible for daily use.

None of the technical specifications of the upcoming truck were revealed, however Toyota currently has readily-available hydrogen fuel cells in vertical and horizontal versions, with the modules coming in 60 or 80kW of power.

Toyota claims that hydrogen-powered trucks have more advantages compared to battery-powered models, some being the lighter mass of the truck, which allows for carrying more cargo and also much shorter fill times for the tanks.

Leon Van Der Merwe, VP of Supply Chain Toyota Motor Europe, said that "we are excited to begin this project with VDL Groep, as it will allow us to further decarbonize the long-haul transport of our components, vehicles and service parts. Heavy-duty trucks will remain an important pillar within our multimodal strategy."