Electrive reports that the upcoming system developed by the three companies should be compatible not only with yet-to-release EV models, but also with existing ones. This means that if you have an EV right now, you may not have to replace your car to benefit from inductive charging.

Moreover, the three automotive companies are working towards standardizing wireless charging for battery-powered vehicles, a move similar to that of Siemens and Mahle.

Electreon CEO and co-founder Oren Ezer said that "this partnership will make wireless charging accessible to a diverse and wide range of drivers and will demonstrate the many benefits of wireless charging as a cost-effective clean solution for charging EVs as well as a catalyst in reducing EVs’ carbon footprint."

The Israelian company showcased the potential of this technology at its headquarters, where it tested the wireless charging solution on a Toyota RAV4 PHEV.

Last year, we also reported on the fact that Stellantis was testing their own wireless charging system on a test version of a Fiat 500 electric.