According to, Bilal Ahmed finished building his car last year, in June, and his invention became even more useful when gas prices in the area where he lives climbed steeply.

He commented for the Rising Kashmir newspaper that "cars like Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW are just a dream for a common person. Only a few people are able to afford it while it remains a dream for others to drive such cars and roam in."

"I thought of something to give a luxurious feel to the people", he added.

Due to the fact that he lives in a fairly sun-lacking area, the math teacher resorted to using special kind of solar panels that could generate power even during moodier weather.

In the 11 years it took him to build the car, the man spent over 18.000 euros and connected with various experts, while studying classic car models from the last century.

Ahmed said that, in order to maximize the amount of power the car can generate through the solar panels, he covered most of the vehicle with the said panels.

What's interesting is that, with the help of a remote control, he is also able to move the panels slightly according to the sun's position, so that he can harness the power of sunlight throughout the day.

"The braking system will [also] regenerate the power to its batteries to save energy", he added, pointing to the fact that the vehicle is also capable of regenerative braking, making it more energy-independent.

Now that he fulfilled his dream, the math teacher is hoping to establish a company that would be able to replicate his success, building more such solar cars, while offering jobs to the local community.

To do so, he started getting the necessary support, in the form of the National Institute of Technology in Srinaga.