ESG Today writes that Texas-based Sage Geosystems is developing solutions aimed at making geothermal power more accessible, especially in geothermal-rich locations. The company develops geothermal storage solutions that can work with renewable power source, such as solar or wind, to ensure a continuous delivery of green energy to the local grid.

Geothermal storage solutions can help with reducing the above-ground footprint, enabling us to use the land for other purposes, while making use of the subterranean resources, as well.

The 17 million USD investment will be used to finance the 3MW EarthStore facility in Texasm which will harvest pressurized water stored underground to store energy for short and long periods of time, while solar and wind will ensure a constant flow of energy. The construction could begin in Q2 2024 and the facility could be complete d by the end of this year.

Cindy Taff, CEO of Sage Geosystems, said that "the success of our GGS technologies is not only critical to Sage Geosystems becoming post-revenue, but it is an essential step in accelerating the development of this proprietary geothermal baseload approach."