Thus, Electrive writes that the engines of choice are the 45 and 65 HP electric motors, powered by the same 26.8kWh battery, which boasts an WLTP range of 225 kilometers and a city-only range of around 300 kilometers. AC charging happens at 7.4kW, while the optional DC charging powers the car at up to 30kW.

Dacia argues that the current Spring already fulfills the needs of the customers from a performance standpoint, meaning that it was only the design and the connectivity that needed updating.

While the price of the upcoming and updated Spring has not yet been revealed by the Romanian car brand, Renault officials stated that it "will remain the cheapest EV in Europe."

The 2024 version of the Dacia Spring borrows design elements from its bigger brother, the Duster, with protective design elements on the sides and the "Y" shaped headlights. The new electric model is also three centimeters shorter than the previous version, thanks to the redesign, which may help with parking in tight spaces.

A new "Expression" range has been added, which can be equipped with either engine, while the bottom-tier "Essential" and top-tier "Extreme" come with either the 45 or 65 HP, accordingly.

Compared to the basic versions, the "Extreme" Spring comes with a 10.1 inch media navigation system, capable of wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, while rain and parking sensors are among the other optional packages you can add to the lower-tier versions.

Photo: Dacia