As per World Economic Forum, the findings were included in its latest report, called Innovation and Adaptation in the Climate Crisis: Technology for the New Normal. Officials emphasize fast responses in case of emergencies and advancing research and development for the next generation of climate technologies.

As artificial intelligence becomes more synonymous with our daily livelihood, researchers are now exploring ways machine learning algorithms can helps us better understand what the planet has in store for us. Smart sewer systems powered by AI that can respond to floodings are one type of system that can help us during heavy rainfall.

Drones can also help us fight extreme weather events caused by climate change. When equipped with cameras and sensor, these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) can offer us critical information about the climate situation in a large area, such as water reserves in a particular location. Also, in case of a climate emergency, drones can help us find potential victims in hard-to-reach communities.

Regarding the larger climate change-related events, we can observe them from space using satellite technology. This way, we can detect early stages of desertification, for example, or monitor the melting of the planet's glaciers.

Quantum computers are another emerging technology, far superior to traditional computers that we have at home and at our offices, that can perform way more calculations. These can help us estimate the potential impact of a climate event or to foresee the changing of the climate, in general, dramatically faster.

Supercomputers are now becoming more ubiquitous in climate research centers, helping with climate and weather modelling.

Internet of Things (IoT) devices will also play a bigger role in protecting the planet and humanity from natural disasters, in the future. PanoAI is a company that already uses IoT devices to monitor around 2 million hectares of land, helping detect thousands of fires and alerting nearby fire professionals and emergency services.

As time goes by, climate solutions will become more advanced and innovative, helping us address more environmental issues and protect the ecosystems and communities better from climate disasters.