writes that Unwritten, previously known as Dovetail Finance, quantifies the impact of climate change related events on the companies that investors decided to back. The company's software uses big data techniques to model the complex interactions between regions, sectors, policies, and technologies.

Unwritten was founded back in 2022 and in the previous round, it secured 750.000 GBP in Pre-Seed funding. London-based software VC Connect Ventures and climate VC Planet A Ventures are two of the investors who participated in the 3.5 million USD financing round.

“The climate transition is the biggest risk and opportunity facing the global capital markets in our generation. We believe every capital allocator will utilize transition risk intelligence in the same way they do with audited financial statements today” says Rory Stirling, Partner at Connect Ventures.

Unwritten co-founder and CEO Amos Wittenberg added that “great analytics help people ask the right questions in the right language, to inform the decisions their organizations make. Unwritten makes financial sense of the climate transition — not to predict the future, but so our clients can make the capital allocation decisions to build it."